Boxing clever

How Cygnia’s reputation for innovation helps to proactively tackle client issues

Cygnia has developed an enviable reputation for proactively tackling client issues by implementing innovative and simple solutions that improve overall performance.

Our partnership with long-standing customer KAO is a prime example of this approach.

Three years ago, we proposed an unsolicited solution that has dramatically enhanced both operational performance and customer service.

Knowing that the salon division of KAO UK, which includes the Goldwell and KMS hair and beauty brands, was experiencing a number of packaging damages and packing related customer enquiries, we proposed the use of alternative packaging and the implementation of a bespoke camera solution. This was a significant operational change, instigated by Cygnia rather than requested by the customer. But the outcome has been hugely successful.

First, we switched KAO products into new packaging that allowed for greater protection and a good view of the stock inside each box. Then we installed a camera above the conveyor belt that moves the stock to the packing station. This was all integrated in-line, to avoid any operational disruption to the packing and shipping process.

As each order is picked on the mezzanine level, it is barcode scanned and then placed into a serial tracked box. This box is then transferred to the conveyor belt that moves the stock to the packing station. Again, the barcode is scanned and a blind count of the units is undertaken. If the number of units is correct, the box is closed within the system, a carrier label is produced and the camera takes a photograph of the inside of the box, before uploading the image to Gateway, Cygnia’s client portal.

This immediately improved the KAO customer service team’s ability to deal with inbound queries by allowing them to see a picture of the box contents before despatch. The whole solution has reduced claims and damages by over 80%.