Filling customers with hoppiness, one BrewDog delivery at a time

It’s a year this month since multinational brewery and pub chain, BrewDog, partnered with Cygnia Logistics to fulfil its consumer-based ecommerce orders.

Cygnia, part of the Wincanton Group, specialises in helping fast growing ecommerce brands to upscale their operations to meet demand.

“Flexibility and agility are absolutely crucial attributes that we need from our logistics partner,” says Ross Watson, head of supply chain, BrewDog.

“We often do promotions and marketing activities at short notice, so having a partner who can bend and flex to accommodate those and serve the resulting demand efficiently is really important.”

A partner to scale with

“We were looking for a solution to facilitate our rapid growth as we continue to expand our ecommerce and B2C platform within the UK, over Europe and across the globe,” says Ross.

“Getting the logistics infrastructure in place was critical and we knew we needed a third party.

“We also needed someone who could deliver on the quality of service we’d built over the years – in terms of both speed and accuracy.

“There’s huge potential. The B2C channel is rapidly expanding – and it’s obviously been ‘rocket-fuelled’ as a result of COVID. That’s a change that’s likely here to stay.

“Getting our service right is really important to capitalise on that opportunity.”

Flexing to consumer demand

“Our consultant introduced us to Cygnia having carried out a high-level search resulting in a shortlist to tender for the opportunity.

“There were a lot of specific criteria we were looking for under the broad headings of service, cost, culture and the footprint to be able to grow with us. Commercially, cost was key  – but there had to be a strong service ethic above everything else.

“How we operate sees us regularly rolling out reactive and short-notice marketing activities and promotions. This means there was a need for our chosen partner to be very amenable, which is where Cygnia stood out. Some operations can be quite rigid, but that wouldn’t work for us.

“We were ultimately drawn by Cygnia’s people – that’s key for us. There was a sense of alignment, which is really important because we know we’re ‘on the same page’; communicating clearly and working in true partnership.”

Quality and consistency

“We transitioned at a difficult time – right before Black Friday. It was a lesson for all of us. We learnt a lot about working together, and it actually helped us iron out any issues much earlier on.

“Cygnia has been a great partner to work with. Our cost to serve and our offering are both continually improving. Cygnia’s focus in terms of the pack quality and consistency, combined with our new packaging, has really turbo-charged  our customer experience.

“Now we’re settled in working together, the speed we’re getting orders picked, packed, dispatched and with the customer is super quick and consistent. With that, Cygnia is supporting us in delivering against our USP.

“It’s a continual battle to keep pushing the boundaries to meet new and evolving consumer expectations. But by working together, we’re continually improving delivery options and growing together.

“We would absolutely recommend Cygnia – the level of flexibility and focus we get from the team is second to none. We’ve a great team behind us.”

For more information, visit Cygnia Logistics or call 01604 664 300.