Keeping our promises delivers growth for online business

Trust is fundamental to a successful partnership

Moonpig has been making people’s days brighter with its range of personalised cards and gifts since 1999 and has just recorded its tenth consecutive year of sales growth in 2019. When it comes to gifting, timing is everything and customers trust Moonpig to deliver for those special occasions throughout the year. In turn, Moonpig trusts Cygnia to fulfil that promise and to never let them down.

A scalable and transparent service

Cygnia started off fulfilling Moonpig’s beauty range and then expanded to support across the full range of Moonpig gifts – with Cygnia despatching 120 orders a week.

Following the success of this partnership, the teams worked together to diversify Moonpig’s range of gifts even further – adding chocolate, alcohol, toys and jewellery – and to entrust Cygnia with personalisation of alcohol, and cards dispatched with gifts. This union has seen sales of personalised goods go from strength to strength.

Today, we process thousands of orders per day on average but at peak times, such as Mother’s Day 2019, a full days’ volume can be handled per hour.

Cygnia has worked to develop industry leading processes and systems in order to meet the high data security standards in which Moonpig operates to.

It is Cygnia’s ability to scale with Moonpig’s continued growth, fulfilling and delivering orders at peak times, that has contributed to the continued success of the partnership.

Konrad Klimkowicz, industrial outsourcing project manager at Moonpig: “In our business it is strategically important to work with partners that we can rely on completely. Cygnia has been very proactive in supporting our growth ambitions and ensuring that we meet customer expectations throughout the year, no matter how demanding and complex these may be.”

Connecting different aspects of clients’ supply chains swiftly and seamlessly

Systems integration, planning, versatility and communication are all critical to ensuring a smooth and seamless service for Moonpig.

With a dedicated team in place that has built up a detailed knowledge of the business, Cygnia is able to be proactive in anticipating and dealing with changes in ranges, order numbers and personalisation requirements.

We visit their locations and they come to ours to see and plan the evolution of the services to support their continued growth. We are working together to further expand those services and continue to deliver value in the future.


For more information and to browse Moonpig’s fantastic collection visit their website here