Serving influencer demand peaks with Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty has recently appointed Cygnia Logistics to ensure seamless delivery of its products to customers.

The rapidly growing beauty business specialises in creating and developing products faster than anyone else, which makes it highly responsive to changing tastes. With much of its sales driven by social media influencers and customer advocacy, lead times need to be flexible to meet peaks in demand and to match customer expectations.

“Revolution is an inherently social brand,” says Nadine Neatrour, multichannel leader at Revolution beauty. “We are tagged in over 2,000 images a day from bloggers, vloggers and consumers on Instagram who want to share images of their looks.

“We invite vloggers and friends of the brand to create content for our channel and represent the customer around the globe. Revolution has also seen phenomenal success in creating products for and alongside vloggers.”

In 2018, Revolution Beauty became a fully-rounded cosmetics brand following the launch of its first skin products Conceal & Define concealer and Fast Base foundation. In a few short weeks, Conceal & Define became the bestselling concealer in the drugstore market earning over 10 million views from influencers’ organic YouTube tutorials using the product.

At Cygnia, we are centred around delivering agile and highly responsive solutions for customers, especially during peak demand. This is particularly important where such peaks can be driven by social media.