The desire to succeed

How a former temporary staff member progressed to become an Operations Manager at Cygnia

Almost 10 years ago, Anca Obreja signed up with Cygnia as a temporary staff member. She got the job through a recruitment agency and started out as a packer on our production lines.

Today, Anca is an Operations Manager at our Pineham site – and she’s immensely proud of the career progression she’s been able to enjoy with us.

“My journey to where I am now was – and still is – a challenging and interesting one,” she says. “I have had the pleasure to work with some amazing people throughout my time here, from whom I’ve learned the logistics business. It’s totally different than what I studied for!”

While she was working in that temporary role as a production packer, Anca’s line supervisors had identified her potential leadership skills and subsequently arranged for her to learn how to become a supervisor herself – and to study for an NVQ in team leadership.

Time for a new challenge

Originally from Romania, Anca enjoyed her new role as a team leader in the Production department for a few years – and then started looking for her next career move…

“I felt that the time was right for my next challenge,” she recalls. “Having gained more confidence in speaking the language and always learning from my supervisors and managers, I decided to apply within the company for an e-Commerce Manager role, which was something new.”

She navigated the interview process successfully and set off in a very different direction career-wise: “I started this new type of role with only my people skills and managing skills. Everything else seemed like a huge challenge for me. But the company guided me and trained me to deliver my first successful peak in e-Commerce. Part of my training involved a further NVQ in Management and daily 1-2-1 training meetings with my manager at that time. While I was in this department, I successfully trained and identified skills within my team that also made them more confident and self-sufficient.”

After almost 3 years in her e-Commerce role, Anca was keen to expand her horizons again. Always up for a new challenge, she decided to apply for an Operations Manager position that became available at our Pineham site. With more successful interviews under her belt, she stepped confidently into the role she occupies today.