Extensive automotive supply chain expertise.

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An accredited partner for automotive logistics

We have extensive third-party logistics expertise within the automotive market, having established a long-term strategic partnership with Ford and specialising in value added services.

Ford Q1 accreditation

World-renowned Q1 quality accreditation held for over 10 years.

Just-in-time support

The ability to support customers’ just-in-time (JIT) production schedules.

Worldwide distribution

Efficient distribution to any local, national or international address.

Ford Q1 accreditation

In order to survive within the highly competitive automotive industry, vehicle producers have to operate efficiently. Cygnia has extensive 3PL expertise within the market, having established a long-term strategic partnership with Ford and achieved the manufacturer’s world-renowned Q1 quality accreditation, which focuses on value added services such as aftersales kitting.

Seamless integration

Cygnia’s warehousing, distribution, freight forwarding, packing & kitting and fulfilment services can be combined to offer bespoke integrated solutions for automotive industry clients. Our scalability and flexibility enable us to work as a strategic supply chain partner that can quickly accommodate the most demanding requirements.

Sourcing and procurement

We not only provide kit packing expertise but can also source and procure components for kits. This is just one aspect of an extensive range of end-to-end solutions that we offer to the automotive industry, including other packing, re-work and value added services.


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