Gender Pay Gap Report 2017/18

Gender Gap Reporting Cygnia Logistics Ltd

A message from Sharon Hacker, Head of HR

Cygnia welcome the new Government legislation where companies are encouraged to review their Gender Pay Gap and take action in an effort to eliminate it.
Mean and Median Pay Gap

Cygnia have always upheld a good gender split, with around 52% representation of female employees in April 2017. This is a positive, and also seen in the number of operational management roles being undertaken by female employees. However, with the majority of the Senior management roles still being filled by male employees, the mean pay of women and men still shows a gap of above 32%. Having said that, Cygnia are pleased that the gap is smaller than the reported industry average of 38%. We are aware that there is still a lot of work ahead of us to improve the gender pay gap. We can see that the mean pay gap is related to the number of women in managerial roles. This means that with the majority of our employees being operational staff (around 75%), the pay gap is placed higher up in the hierarchy of the organisation.

Pay Band Quartile Split

The identified female employees being unrepresented in the higher levels of the organisation is illustrated well by the quartile split, which shows fewer women in the upper quartiles. Cygnia pride themselves in a robust and fair recruitment and promotion process. However, the applications from female candidates for management roles has been significantly lower. Female candidates for the role of a recently advertised General Manager role showed that from the 92 applications received, only 3 were women at a rate of 3.3%. Cygnia already promotes positive actions to promote the company as female friendly place to work but obviously need’s to do more to encourage developing female careers.

Bonus Payment

There is no gender gap at Cygnia in reference to the median bonus pay. This is yet another symptom of the fact that majority of the employees are Operational colleagues and lower level management whose pay and bonuses are the same in each gender.
In terms of proportions of men and women who have received a bonus in 2016-2017, the entire company was awarded the same bonus.

Proportion of women in each pay quartile

Pay quartiles are calculated by splitting all employees in an organisation into four even groups according to their level of pay. Looking at the proportion of women in each quartile gives an indication of women’s representation at different levels of the organisation.

Top quartile (highest paid)
38% of the top quartile are women

Upper middle quartile
43% of the upper middle quartile are women

Lower middle quartile
66% of the lower middle quartile are women

Lower quartile (lowest paid)
92% of the lower quartile are women
Who received bonus pay
Entire company was paid the same bonus irrespective of position within the company