Black Friday is about more than bargains

This year, with online sales surging by 60% since lockdown in March, we have planned for the biggest Black Friday event yet. It’s less about bargains and more about collaboration, here’s why:


Black Friday is a show, with a cast of hundreds who all need to work together. Ensuring Black Friday is a stellar experience for both consumers and our customers is essential, so all aspects have to work seamlessly together.

This means working closely with customers, operations, IT, carriers and HR to get the right resources in place to coordinate and execute the considerable increase in orders smoothly and efficiently.

We have already experienced a significant uplift in orders in what promises to be a record-breaking year.


Like all big productions, plans need to start early. At Cygnia, we usually start planning for Black Friday and Christmas in the summer. However, because of the disruption caused by COVID, this year has been unique, so the range of scenarios needing to be planned for has been vast. It was important to weigh up how much of sales would take place online and when shops would reopen.

Communication and collaboration, especially around data and insight, has been vital. We have continued to work closely with retailers to help them flatten the curve of orders, so that they could be fulfilled safely in time for Christmas. This year, not only have we invested more than 200 hours in meticulous planning, but we have also expanded our data capabilities and acquired a new state-of-the art distribution centre to meet demand.


A multi-disciplinary team is the catalyst for new ideas, and problem solving skills have been finely honed this year. While Black Friday happens every year, the way it’s delivered is changing. Demand for sustainability, personalisation and choice are key drivers for innovation. It’s not just the same old, same old, and customer expectations continue to rise.


Customer delight builds brand loyalty, and collaboration is essential to achieving great reviews, even at times of peak demand. Transparent and clear communications underpin it all, especially when it comes to making sure that products are in the right place at the right time for customers.

Black Friday is not just one day, it’s a collaborative process that allows us to partner and innovate with our customers year in, year out.

For more information, get in touch with a member of our team.