Change is inevitable, disruption is not

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, it has certainly alerted businesses to the need to plan for change but this certainly isn’t the only factor that can disrupt the future success of businesses.

Risk factors are many – technology, changing customer needs, increased competition, skills shortages, the list goes on. Turning these threats into potential opportunities requires a mindset that embraces change and looks to turn them into competitive advantage.

Transforming business models to adapt to new realities often brings the movement of goods into sharp focus and, with it, the need to develop an agile, flexible and responsive supply chain.

A ‘one size fits all’ approach will no longer cut it as evolution – even revolution – in markets will demand that adaptations to delivery are fast-tracked and completely aligned with customer expectations.

As a business – embedded in adapting to change, from the rigour of the just-in-time world of automotive supply and high-speed delivery expectations and micro peaks of the 24/7 beauty industry, through to scaling up operations to match increased demand – we believe it is vital any operational partnership between an ambitious, entrepreneurial business and its logistics partner needs to be agile.

It is possible to adapt to change with minimal disruption to the customer if the following rules are applied:

  • Plan with rigour – scenario planning is vital and requires an honest appraisal of all future risks.
  • Be open – cast your net wide for new ideas, identify and listen to expert partners who are prepared to work hard to understand your specific challenges and how to resolve them.
  • Lead the charge – act with authority and make informed decisions, then communicate them clearly.
  • Stay hungry – in these fast-moving times, you need to regularly assess your options to ensure they align with current and future needs. Complacency will kill your business.
  • Remain ambitious – don’t throw caution to the wind but do seize opportunities when they arise and remain in constant dialogue with your delivery partners to ensure you are primed and staying one step ahead of your competitors.


Cygnia works with partners to deliver optimum impact.  It ensures positive customer experience and increased sales with minimal disruption by applying integrated, intelligent, flexible and efficient solutions which are specifically tailored to different customer scenarios.

As a third-party logistics provider, our role is to work with businesses to create new opportunities, enter new markets, improve profitability and increase advocacy with minimal disruption or investment.

Our mission is to help ambitious companies accelerate their growth by switching up fulfilment capabilities, improving capacity, responsiveness, flexibility and service, while increasing margins and reducing costs.

Successfully navigating change is our sweet spot: let’s show you how to make it yours!

For more information or advice on how you can best navigate business change, get in touch