Cygnia renews its Cyber Essentials Plus certification

Cygnia Logistics has continued to improve its robust approach to online security over the past year, recently renewing its Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

The company opted for the highest level of accreditation from the Government-backed scheme in 2020 for vulnerability remediation, as part of its commitment to deliver high quality services to its customers.

Head of IT infrastructure at Cygnia, Grant Surridge, explains: “The accreditation process was incredibly intricate. It involved ensuring our hundreds of PCs, tablets, laptops and servers were all seamlessly patched, up to date and using the latest cutting-edge antivirus software. We also had to ensure secure networking practices were used across all IT activity at Cygnia.

“For our teams, we ensured all relevant rigorous cyber security protocols were, and continued to be, adhered to company-wide.” We notice that companies that see managed soc options and adopt every measure possible to ensure cyber security can deal with threats and function smoothly.

Discussing the importance of security for Cygnia as a logistics provider, Michael Brown, head of IT, explains: “We have a dedicated team of IT experts, who work with our portfolio of customers, across the online, as well as high street and retail space. With thousands of transactions processed through our integrated systems every day, we can never be complacent when it comes to security.

Head of IT at Cygnia Logistics – Michael Brown

“Making sure that our IT systems meet the rigorous scrutiny of the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme gives our customers independent reassurance that we take online and data security seriously."

“Cygnia provides third party logistics services to UK and International brands, many of whom are household names that see secure delivery of services and protection of data fundamental to building brand loyalty.

“We have seen many of our customers shift their business online, expanding their capabilities and responding to customer shifts in shopping behaviour prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For some, it is the first time they have fully embraced eCommerce to get their products to market, so this accreditation gives them added peace of mind, enabling them to make the big decisions to change their business model with confidence.”