Cygnia reveal new promotional video

Cygnia works with some of the most ambitious brands in e-commerce and our new video gives a behind the scenes look at our operations that handle more than 10,000 orders into more than 120 countries every day.

It’s no coincidence that the logo for Cygnia Logistics is a swan. The business is all about being calm and poised in a logistics marketplace that is often anything but our mantra is ‘never standing still’ and our customers rely on us to deliver quality, service and transparency 24/7.

Our always-on digital world means consumer expectations are high and when they are not happy, they can tell the world. The focus on optimum service and delivery has significantly disrupted many markets, particularly multi-channel retail. At Cygnia, we have a crucial role in helping our customers to navigate the changes that come with technology advances and increasing expectations, ensuring they are able to embrace that opportunities e-commerce brings.

We work hard to help our customers breaking down barriers to new markets, empowering brands with the confidence they need to grow – helping them to deliver exceptional service, open up new customer channels and diversify their offerings. This approach has been particularly successful with many well-known brands such as FeelUnique, Revolution Beauty and Moonpig.

By expertly managing both micro and major peaks in demand, we have developed successful partnerships with brands needing to respond quickly to increases in sales driven by online reviews, social influencers, promotional campaigns or seasonal milestones.

We remain agile, flexible and responsive to ensure we’re continuously creating innovate routes to market and meet future demands for our customers so both they, and us, are never standing still.