Cygnia sponsoring Pure Beauty Awards 2019

Cygnia Logistics is delighted to be sponsoring the Pure Beauty Awards for a second, consecutive year which takes place at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London on 24 October 2019.

The beauty sector is continually evolving and fast-moving, meaning brands need to act quickly in order to effectively succeed and serve demand. The Pure Beauty Awards highlight innovation and creativity across the beauty sector, rewarding those brands which are ahead of the curve and delivering outstanding products to consumers.

Rise of the social media influence

As social media becomes a bigger part of our everyday lives and a key touchpoint for generating sales, businesses in every sector need to adapt to make the most of the opportunities it provides. For the beauty sector, managing micro-peaks in demand, which are often driven by social media influencers and beauty vloggers, is essential to effectively serve demand and sustain growth.

Beauty brands need expertise to create distinctive fulfilment solutions and sustainable supply chains that delight customers and build brand loyalty.

Each year, the Pure Beauty Awards yields valuable feedback that informs how brands can innovate and adapt to ensure they’re not left behind. The ability to stay ahead of the latest beauty trends and service options has served us well in carving a niche in the beauty sector.

See how we helped Revolution Beauty to manage its demand peaks effectively.

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