Finding your perfect supply chain partner: deliver on every single promise

Your business’ growth is highly dependent on your supply chain partner. Fulfilling your customers’ orders in a timely fashion is essential for gaining trust and brand loyalty – two key factors that contribute towards business growth.

There are some important characteristics to look out for when choosing your next supply chain partner. Get it right and the rewards will soon come.

Five key characteristics of your ideal supply chain partner:

1 – Experience and capability

Ecommerce and omnichannel retailing is centred around growth.

If you want to continue growing, you must be able to reach new customers and build successful, long-standing relationships with them.

It’s also important to look beyond the short-term when choosing your next logistics partner. For example, how are they able to serve your business aspirations and growth ambitions in the long-run?

In order for your supply chain operation to scale quickly with your business, having the right experience is essential. Think about whether they’ve been able to scale with big brands on previous occasions, or if they’ve shown the ability to adapt operations quickly to fit their customers’ changing needs.

2 – Knowledge and insight

Your logistics partner should know your business inside and out. Ensuring your chosen partner has a firm understanding of your customers’ needs will help you deliver delight to them. After all, customers are the lifeblood of any business, which makes this a top priority.

By coupling a good understanding of customers with data insights, your 3PL partner will be able to anticipate and plan more effectively for peaks in demand. This will also help them to foresee the needs of your customers, both now and in the future.

3 – Trends and technology

Keeping up-to-date with the most recent technologies and customer trends is another important attribute, as this allows for delivery service improvements at every level.

Is your supply chain partner conscious of the demand and technological trends that could affect your business operations? This may include tracking systems, delivery preferences, warehouse automation, livestreaming, etc, for example.

Being able to stay on top of your customers’ wants and needs is a big step towards successfully uniting them with your brand.

4 – Relationship with your sales team

A good understanding between your logistics and sales teams is key for delighting your customers.

Aligning your logistics partner with your sales strategies and promotions is crucial.  For instance, if you’re offering bundle deals or discounted products, this will ensure your logistics partner will be able to meet rises in demand with ease. It also ensures the right products are discounted, in line with current inventory levels and estimates on demand change in the future.

5 – Ambition

Both you and your logistics partner should want your business to grow.

By offering ideas and strategic direction, your logistics provider can improve your supply chain by finding efficiencies that support you in serving demand peaks and consumer expectations.

What happens when you get it right

Two things: business growth and brand loyalty.

A good relationship with your logistics partner means that your customers will receive what they want, when they want it, as you can deliver peak performance year in year out. That level of consistency earns trust, builds brand loyalty and – most importantly – keeps your customers coming back again and again.

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