Helping your business grow with better logistics

Digital technology is a huge enabler for change. It has changed how we buy products, how we socially interact and how we research markets. This has led to significant disruption to more traditional business models.

Logistics plays a pivotal role in helping business to adapt to change. When done correctly, logistics, it provides a competitive edge and a positive customer experience – creating opportunities to retain customers, grow sales and attract new buyers as you scale your business.

Customers must be at the forefront of all decision for successful growth and the same applies to decisions about logistics. Ask yourself: ‘Will my supplier give my customers more choice?’ and ‘Will my logistics provider work hard to improve the customer experience?’. Whether your business is pure play, omnichannel or clicks and mortar, contemplating how you can give customers the choices they want is key.

Choice in range of delivery options allows customers to make the best decision for themselves at the time of order. Customers are increasingly expecting products to arrive quickly – with next day delivery representing around 30% of today’s market. Meeting their expectations can dramatically reduce basket abandonment.

Harnessing the power of technology and working collaboratively with your logistics partner unlocks the potential to create great services that are unique to your company. It’s important to pick a logistics partner that is agile, flexible and creative. One that is willing to commit and invest in your scaling plans, provide fresh thinking and ideas and work with you to innovative new solutions that help you to overcome challenges and set you apart from competitors.

Standing still is no longer an option. Within the rapid moving, e-commerce market, logistics can be integral to any business growth strategy and – when done properly – can allow your business to scale rapidly and with confidence.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to logistics. At Cygnia, we embrace the need to identify new opportunities and add value to our customers year in year out. We have invested and grown with our customers.

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