How can your packaging help you to stand out?

The rapid growth of ecommerce sales and distribution channels continues to revolutionise retailing[i]. This growth makes standing out in today’s ecommerce market tough, with online retailers now operating in practically every niche[ii].

To succeed, your brand’s competitive edge needs to be sharp. There’s little use competing only on shipping times or prices. Customers have now come to expect low-priced, or even free, and speedy deliveries. As such, there will always be brands moving to undercut delivery prices or deliver products to their customers quicker.

One way in which you can make your brand stand out is by investing in your packaging.

We all use packaging – but do we really give it enough thought?

The unpacking experience

Often, companies take the role of packaging for granted, designing it simply to be a ‘protection layer’ which ensures safe delivery of the product[iii].

Although protection is a fundamental function of packaging, packaging should be about so much more than simply ‘putting something into a protective box’.

Packaging is an incredibly important touchpoint between your brand and its customers. It has the potential to influence a customer’s perception of the product value and your overall brand image.

Achieving good packaging is about thinking outside of the box. It’s about turning the opening of the box into a whole experience for the customer.

If the ‘unboxing’ of your products is memorable enough, your customers are likely to order from you again, boosting brand loyalty and may even keep and re-use the packaging. Achieving this, isn’t as difficult as it sounds – and it needn’t be a costly investment.

Top tips for effective packaging designs[iv]

  1. Fit for purpose – ultimately, you want your product to arrive on time and in quality condition to make the best first impression on your customer. Packaging needs to be secure, robust and accurately labelled, particularly if it is going overseas. High value goods in particular need attention paid to ensuring they can withstand the rigours of transport. Fragile and handle with care labels are no substitute for properly thought through packaging options.
  2. Think about design and branding – a box which has been beautifully designed with attention to detail and neat finishing touches can not only build awareness of your brand but add value to it – delivering a positive customer experience along with your product.
  3. Keep it simple – customers don’t welcome excessive sized boxes or wasted fillers. Brands and retailers alike are looking for evidence of more sustainable and less wasteful packaging, that enhances reputation alongside environmental performance.


At Cygnia, we work closely with brands to fulfil customer expectations and make the e-commerce experience a vehicle for improving and sustaining a positive customer experience including bespoke combinations and personalised gifting.

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