How does your carrier affect your brand reputation?

As ecommerce sales continue to thrive beyond the pandemic, creating a seamless experience is the next challenge to ensure your omnichannel brand stands out.

Choosing the right carrier is essential – you’ve put a lot of effort into marketing your products and guiding a customer through several points on your website to make a purchase. The final step is to get the orders to your customers safely and on time.

A fast, stress-free experience is more likely to boost your reputation and encourage customer loyalty, which is invaluable for continuing to fuel your business growth. It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

We’ve thought of all the ways a carrier service can affect your brand reputation, so you know what to look for when making your selection.

1 – Efficiency

If you’re looking to reduce shopping cart abandonment, delivery times are often key. Dropoff found that 53% of consumers say they’ve abandoned an online purchase because of slow delivery times.

Your carrier should have an efficient and effective process to ensure your customers get their products on time. Flexibility also plays into this – how has this carrier previously dealt with unintentional delays? Do they have capacity to deliver more at the same speed if there’s an increase in sales?

Keeping promises, such as a guarantee to deliver in 48 hours, is crucial to build trust. 69% of customers report being less likely to shop with a company again if something is not delivered within two days of the date promised.

2 – Quality of service

Of course, efficiency shouldn’t be prioritised over a safe journey for an order.

If you’ve experienced a breakable package thrown over a tall gate, or something valuable left out in the open, you know this leaves a lasting mark on your memory of the brand you ordered with. Ensure that your carrier prioritises your customer in the delivery process.

3 – Cost

Costs is often a first consideration for you and your customer. Many customers are put off by an expensive additional fee they weren’t expecting.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid charging for delivery, however transparency on product pages goes a long way, so customers aren’t caught off guard at checkout.

The cost of a carrier service will impact when you may be able to offer free or reduced delivery promotions. These can be offered to new and return customers to stir up excitement.

5 – Sustainability

The ‘conscious consumer’ is on the rise, particularly after COVID-19 lockdowns and rising environmental anxiety.

30% of people reported specifically choosing a brand with environmentally sustainable practices in 2021. While it won’t be the focus of every brand, large numbers of people are now thinking about sustainability when making a purchase.

It’s a good time to assess the impact of your carrier’s delivery services and show customers what you are doing to offset any carbon output caused by their delivery.

Some brands are also encouraging customers to group multiple orders into one delivery to reduce the environmental impact.

Creating a smooth experience for your customer from beginning to end creates a huge boost for your brand reputation. In turn, this means customers are more likely to return in the future or recommend their friends and family to your website.

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