Love your customers – three ways to create chemistry through service

When it comes to love, Valentine’s is a big deal in the gifting calendar. With the usual romantic dinner for two or surprise trip off the agenda, more people than ever have had to rely on online retailers to step in and play cupid.

While traditionally a time for flowers, lingerie, alcohol and chocolates, this year’s Valentines has seen an increase in wider options to make people feel good in lockdown, from comfortable loungewear to relaxing teas.

Also, the people on the receiving end of love this year has gone beyond the traditional sweetheart to include family and friends to make sure everyone feels loved and personalisation with unique messages has helped the day feel extra special. Let’s not forget the rising popularity of Galentines Day, a day to celebrate friendships on Valentine’s Eve, an initiative sparked by US comedy series Parks & Recreation back in 2010.

With all this love going around in lockdown, there is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes to make sure everything arrives with the right message, in the right place at the right time. So, what are the ingredients to making all this heartwarming magic happen?

1 – Sorry to suck all of the spontaneity out of this romantic landmark, but all the unboxing happiness and joy needs serious planning. While forecasting in a pandemic has become a dark art, data and insight are two matchmakers that can nudge purchasers to get them into step when it comes to pushing the right buttons to make a timely purchase.

2 – Making it personal makes people feel special, it shows that you have put some thought into gifting. Bringing personalisation options into your offer can transform an everyday gift into a unique treasure. At Cygnia, we even do handwritten cards as a finishing touch to some of our beauty treats.

3 – Great relationships rely on trust. Choice gives customers the tools to pick delivery and return options that suit them and making it easy can make your business number one when it comes to repeat purchases. Transparency around delivery and customer service builds loyalty and nurtures the positive reviews that will increase your popularity.

Planning for Mother’s Day, coming up on 14 March, is already well under way. Talk to us about how we deliver on our promise to unite you with your customer, not just on special days but everyday throughout the year.

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