Team Spotlight: Denis Typhis, MHE Manager

Finding your own route to career success

Cygnia’s materials handling equipment (MHE) manager, Denis Typhis, has seen plenty of positive changes in the 17 years he has been working for the ecommerce fulfilment business.

Shaping his own career

Like many of the team at Cygnia, Denis has been able to develop his career journey. That means, today, he is focused on doing what he loves: training people, improving the safety of warehouse operations and using his experience to help others.

“I started off as a forklift truck driver,” says Denis. “I then became a team leader, goods-in supervisor, warehouse supervisor and MHE instructor, before taking up my current role. My job now involves looking after all the equipment we use to move to move goods, including the forklift trucks.

“I make sure all the departments have the right equipment, and that it is well-maintained and managed. Safety is critical. I oversee all the training on these pieces of equipment across all sites. This involves training novices, helping staff convert from one truck to another and developing the team to make sure everyone is up-to-date, especially on safety.

“I also make sure our supervisors and managers are trained to understand MHE, from both the safety and personnel point of view. Equipment changes all the time, so I also deal with the suppliers. Familiarisation training is ongoing. We always need to keep pace with changes as our systems evolve.”

Sharing knowledge

Denis has introduced a new safety booklet for the company and particularly enjoys the training and education aspect of his role.

“I love helping and working with people from lots of different backgrounds. Passing on my knowledge and experience to help others and improve the safety of operations across all of our sites is definitely my favourite part of the job,”

A rewarding job

“Cygnia’s approach has been to promote people from within. This means that if you have ambition, you can develop your role in lots of different ways, and you will be supported by the organisation,” explains Denis.

“For someone like me, who joined as a forklift truck driver, it has been great. Logistics is so much more than working in a warehouse, there are lots of ways that you can develop your career, including operations, health and safety or sales and marketing.

“You don’t need specific skills to start with, just drive and a willingness to learn new things and progress. I don’t think people realise how much opportunity there is in this industry.”

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