Team Spotlight: Jordan Harrington, Operations Manager

The journey to opportunity for former apprentice, Jordan

Jordan Harrington, operations manager at Cygnia’s newest state-of-the-art warehouse, DC7, began his career at the fast-paced e-commerce logistics company in 2011 as an apprentice business administrator. He soon found that his problem solving and people skills made him perfect for the logistics environment.

Solving problems and building relationships

“I didn’t understand logistics until I started my apprenticeship. Just seeing the end-to-end process of how things come and go to final consumers was fascinating. It gave me a real appreciation of what logistics involves, and the different roles that everyone on the team plays to make things happen,” explains Jordan.

“No two days are the same, and I do like the challenge of finding solutions to all the different customer scenarios that my role involves.

“Team effort is definitely needed. It’s not just a warehouse job, you have the whole career management, people management and customer management elements too. It relies on a big team and a big wealth of knowledge, both key to pushing operations forward and keeping our customers happy.”

Jordan spent much of the early years of his career working in the customer services environment, starting as an office junior, then administrator, then going on to become a customer relationships manager and senior administrator, all within the same team.

Customers at the heart of operations

In April 2020, at the start of the covid pandemic, Jordan saw an opportunity to go into the warehouse environment as a supervisor and do more operationally. This included adapting to and implementing all the new safety measures.

In July 2021, he successfully applied to be operations manager at Cygnia’s brand new site, DC7, where he now manages a shift from 2pm to 10pm, overseeing the operational output and looking after a team of supervisors, who look after operatives.

The role involves forecasting, weekly labour planning, weekly calls with customers and managing day to day operations. Since becoming part of the DC7 team, Jordan has been involved in migrating customers into the new site, as well as the peak 2021 labour plan and implementation.

“There are lots of things to love about the job, engaging with and motivating staff, as well as planning and executing operations, all of which ultimately results in keeping customers happy,” continues Jordan.

“I am keen to progress in my career. I really enjoy the warehouse operations environment, so want to move to an assistant manager/general manager role in the future. I am lucky that at Cygnia I have had some good mentors along the way. I have learnt a lot from them, and they have been good at showing you what the possibilities are,” concludes Jordan.

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