Team Spotlight: Loredana Balaban, Production Manager

From agency worker to production manager

Loredana Balaban is the busy production manager at Cygnia Logistics’ new, state-of-the-art warehouse, DC7. Passionate about her role, Loredana reflects on the inspiring people and work that lead her to the fulfilling job that she loves.

“I had just come to the UK from Romania and joined the company as an agency worker, employed as a warehouse operative in production,” explains Loredana.

“I was involved in labelling and packing for Molton Brown, as well as working on other small jobs, mostly clothes and shoes. It was a very small, friendly team, and I enjoyed the work, but at that time, I had no idea that I would still be here 11 years later.

“I really enjoyed it from the beginning. The people are nice and are there are lots of opportunities to progress and learn a lot of different things. Everyone is happy to help you develop in your career.”

Taking on different roles

After two years in production, Lory became a team leader. At the time, rising star at Cygnia, Anca Obreja, was her team leader.

“Anca gave me training to help me become a team leader and then supervisor, before I became shift manager at our Caswell Road site six or seven years ago. She taught me everything I needed to progress.

“Then I went to on to look after our small, single contract warehouse for a year, before becoming production manager at the Gowerton Road and Caswell Road sites.

“Being a production manager is the perfect job for me, as you never get bored. Every day there are new challenges, new things happening and new customer requests to deal with. Essentially, you are responsible for planning the daily work, as well as planning ahead. I look after both sides, planning staff and the jobs.

New challenges every day

“In 2020, the company asked me to come to DC7 and look after BrewDog when the new warehouse opened. Now there are 4 customers and five new operations managers in the warehouse. It’s a fast-moving and exciting environment to work in.”

Over the years, Lory has seen lots of technological changes in her role and is looking forward to robots becoming part of her team in the next few months.

Inspiring the next generation

Part of Lory’s role is developing Cygnia’s new talent to teach them in the same way that she has benefited from.

“In the same way that people took time to train me, I am now passing that on and helping to develop other people who can cover my job if I go on holiday. I train them so that they know what to do and can run operations.

“I would definitely recommend a career in logistics. You don’t get bored at all, and there is so much variety when you work with different customers. It’s changed a lot over the years, and I now have a three-year-old at home, but I have the flexibility too. There are times when I have to be on site and the shop floor to make sure everything is going smoothly but can do my system and admin work at home when I need to.”

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