Team Spotlight: Michael Brown, Head of IT

A place to grow and innovate

It’s never been a more exciting time to work in logistics. That’s the verdict of Cygnia’s head of IT, Michael Brown. With 20 years’ experience in software development and IT management, Michael joined Cygnia Logistics about 18 months ago, and he says the role ticks all the boxes for those wanting to be at the cutting edge of innovation in a fast-changing industry.

With the rise in ecommerce, advances in robotics and the need to address the decarbonisation challenge, IT and software development is a big part of the innovation happening within the company.

“If you’re an IT head or a technical head, then you can be directly involved in creating new solutions and the infrastructure to support them. Everything is moving towards a digital future,” explains Michael.

Being empowered to drive change

Michael says one of the things that surprised him about working at Cygnia was its positive attitude towards innovation.

“I am very much responsible for taking the strategic vision and making it a reality. Project scrum master, database administrator and software development are all part of my role to improve standards and I have a great team to work with who share the passion, and we give each other the time, space and support to try new things and be experimental.

“The leadership team at Cygnia has given me the opportunity to innovate and explore new technologies. In my previous roles, I wasn’t given that kind of autonomy. My job was geared towards how much code I could produce, but Cygnia is always looking for the best solutions.

“The directors want to keep us one step ahead of the industry, and for that they have given me and my team time to think and come up with new ideas. We have already got a dozen applications that we are working on to improve. It’s my favourite part of the job.”

The advantages of a career in logistics

“If you want to work in a sector that is fast moving and adapting to new technologies, such as electric vehicles and robotics, then logistics ticks all the boxes, especially for those wanting to be at the cutting edge. If you have a passion for robotics, the environment and digital development then this is the job for you,” continues Michael.

“I think people see logistics as lorries and warehouses, but the whole machinery underneath all of that is a massive technological feat. Ecommerce has certainly transformed how we see these businesses, and at Cygnia, you know you can make a difference and influence its transformation.

“We are first and foremost a tech company, which is very agile and excited to be building a successful business that is prepared to do away with old methodologies and work with customers to solve their problems, develop custom solutions and futureproof their growth.

“We’re always pushing forward and I believe I am working with one of the best IT teams in the industry. It’s fun as well as hard work. We get to build new products and do new things. We have very low staff turnover as a result.”

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