Three key factors to deliver retail brand loyalty


Cygnia Logistics

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated consumers’ shift to ecommerce by approximately five years, according to a recent report by IBM. This has prompted retailers to invest in improving their online offerings, which, in turn, has created more competition and higher consumer expectations.

With so much availability and choice online, the customer experience is everything, and finishing touches can mean the difference between repeat purchases and lost customers.

Your logistics partner has a crucial role to play in delivering your products seamlessly to your customer, enhancing their buying experience.

Here are our three ways to use logistics to boost brand loyalty and add to your customer service offering:

1 – Preparation

Preparation is essential. When demand is high, ensure you keep track of your stock levels to avoid disappointment and that you’re able to replenish any sold out items quickly. Talk to suppliers and mine your data to prepare your inventory for anticipated peaks in demand.

2 – Flexibility

Give customers a choice. Offer plenty of options, such as free shipping for orders over a certain threshold, click-and-collect, specific delivery slots, next day deliveries, grouped deliveries or free returns. More choice can prevent basket abandonment at checkout.

3 – Consistency

Keep track of every touchpoint. For your customers, the person delivering their parcel and the brand they’re ordering from are one in the same. Ensure you monitor the service quality at each stage of the buying experience.

Brand loyalty is essential for ecommerce growth, and logistics can make or break your brand experience.

Your logistics partner should value your customer as much as you do, delivering products seamlessly and working with you to build your customer offering and scale your business.

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