Using logistics as a tool to grow your business

Digital technology has allowed great change in the way we purchase products, how we communicate and how we research companies and products. This has resulted in a transformation of traditional business models.

Logistics plays a key role in helping businesses to accommodate change. If done successfully, logistics can give a competitive edge and create a positive customer experience – creating opportunities to retain customers, increase sales and gain new customers as your business grows.

Customers should be front and centre of all decisions for successful growth, as well as decisions surrounding logistics. Ask yourself: ‘Can my supplier give customers more choice?’ and ‘Will my logistics provider improve my customer’s experience?’. Pure play, omnichannel or clicks and mortar businesses all need to consider the choices they are offering their customers – a key part of keeping customers happy.

Convenience is a huge factor for customers. This can be provided through offering a range of delivery options – allowing customers to choose the option most convenient for them at the time of order. With the increasing demand for quick delivery and next day delivery representing around 30% of today’s market, it’s vital to meet customer needs, especially when it comes to minimising basket abandonment.

Utilising the power of technology and working in unison with your logistics partner allows the potential to create great services that are exclusive to your business and can act as a point of differentiation in the increasingly demanding e-commerce environment.

Your logistics partner should be agile, flexible and creative, and willing to invest in your scaling plans. This could be by providing innovative insight and working collaboratively to generate new options that assist you in overcoming challenges and give you a competitive advantage.

It is no longer an option to stick with what you know. The e-commerce market is rapid moving and everchanging – logistics can be integral to any business growth strategy and can allow your business to scale rapidly and successfully.

Logistics has no one-size-fits-all. Each business is unique, so its logistics strategy should be too. At Cygnia, we are constantly working to identify new opportunities to add value to your business and increase customer loyalty.

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