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Over 25 years of Packing & Kitting experience

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Cygnia’s dedicated Value Added Services team specialises in co packing, kitting, labelling and other re-work for the retail and automotive markets. Discover more below...

8m pieces in last 12 months

In the last 12 months, we’ve packed or undertaken over 8m pieces of work, including 1.3m Molton Brown Christmas gift sets.

Full range of value added services

From gift set assembly, re-work or re-labelling to the sourcing and packing of aftersales kits for the automotive market, we offer a full range of value added services.

Over 300,000 aftersales kits

Holding The Ford Motor Company’s Q1 accreditation, we source and assemble over 300,000 aftersales kits for the automotive market each year.

A broad offering

Whether it’s the assembly of sets for the health & beauty market, product re-labelling or barcoding, wrapping, quality inspections or the sourcing and assembly of parts to produce aftersales market kits for the automotive sector, we’re able to provide almost any service required to ensure goods are ready for use in their end market as part of our overall contract packing services.

25 years’ experience

We’ve been providing professional contract packing & kitting solutions for more than 25 years, preparing a diverse range of products from retail-ready gift boxes to car parts.

Quality assurance

Our dedicated UK packing team is underpinned by proven working practices, an Integrated Quality Management System and ISO 9001 accreditation. We also hold the Q1 award from the Ford Motor Company, which is universally recognised throughout the automotive industry.

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