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Specialist freight forwarding services.

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An established freight forwarder, Cygnia provides quality assured freight services for its fulfilment and packing clients, overseeing entire processes by air, road and sea.

Bonded warehousing

HM Revenue & Customs bonded warehousing space with over 550,000 sq ft of storage capacity.

Optimum flexibility

Full or part loads for all means of freight transport, whether by air, road or sea.

Documentation management

All import and export paperwork managed in compliance with HM Revenue & Customs law.

Extensive experience

With over 15 years of dealing with HM Revenue & Customs bonded warehousing facilities, we have built up vast knowledge and experience of the entire process – from collection to delivery and everything inbetween.

End-to-end solutions

To make things as simple as possible for our clients, we oversee the entire freight forwarding process, including collection of goods, all associated paperwork, customs clearance and door-to-door delivery.

Expert documentation

Whether good are being transported by air, road or sea, all HM Revenue & Customs documentation is handled on site by our expert staff, making sure no mistakes are made which could otherwise cause delays and even expense.

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