Efficient order fulfilment services.

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Extensive ecommerce and multichannel fulfilment expertise

Looking for order fulfilment or pick and pack services? Cygnia provides trusted, innovative and end-to-end solutions to meet all ecommerce and multichannel needs.

24/7 operation:

Non-stop operation for clients seeking a continuous service.

Over 4.3m orders a year

Fulfilled for the UK or for export to European or global destinations

Almost 200m units a year

Either for e-commerce and B2C orders, or B2B orders for store replenishment or wholesale

End-to-end expertise

We’re able to provide truly end-to-end solutions for clients requiring fulfilment and pick & pack services. Whether it’s purely e-commerce retailing, or a more traditional bricks & mortar retailer with an e-commerce fulfilment requirement, our expert capabilities have enabled the growth of many of our customers and we can meet any order fulfilment need.

The bigger picture

Whether we’re working with our clients to develop new packaging solutions or seeking to widen and shorten the delivery options, we continually strive to help improve our clients’ overall offering.

Integrated services

Because our offering includes packing and other additional services, we’re not only able to tailor our ecommerce fulfilment and multichannel fulfilment services but also deliver any other requirements so that our solutions meet all of the needs of our clients and their end customers.

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